About Nzingha

Dr. Nzingha Dalila is a licensed clinical counselor and licensed chemical dependency counselor. She is the owner of Noetikha Wellness Center for Mental Health Research, Development & Treatment. The mission of Noetikha is to assist in the transformation of optimal wellness for those experiencing abuse due to systemic racial and social injustice to resist the effects oppression. The Noetikha Wellness team provides online psychotherapy, life coaching, and alternative holistic healing such as Remote Reiki, Meditative Karate, Emotional Freedom Technique Therapy, and Past Life Regression via a secure, HIPPA-protected website. Noetikha also conducts professional training seminars, community workshops, and company consultations. In addition to her African-centered mental health company, she serves as an instructor for the web university, SCHOCK Metaphysics Kemetic Wisdom School, is the mental health counselor for Antioch College, and is an adjunct professor for the University of Cincinnati.


Her roots in America stem from her childhood in the historically all-African town of Boley, Oklahoma where she developed a respect for the relationship between the land, humans and animals and experienced living in an independent African community of Black cowgirls and cowboys. As an undergraduate student in the 1980’s she was a community organizer with the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) and she is currently a personal trainer and educator on holistic metaphysical health and conducts meditation and stress reduction community workshops and professional behavioral health courses for the liberation of African people. Dr. Dalila trains individuals and groups on how to cope with Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury (RBTSI) and she created the Social Justice Involvement Scale © (SJIS) to help improve mental health treatment for individuals experiencing emotional and behavioral disorders due to systemic oppression. She is the author of “Path of the Gentle Warrior” 5-day eCourse, and “Journal of the Gentle Warrior” workbook, in addition to numerous research articles and reports. She is the host of weekly blog, “In the Moment”, and has appeared on The Philippe Matthews Show. Nzingha’s goal is to aid in the mental and emotional liberation of African people towards reclaiming our historical greatness to build united and independent communities in the diaspora and reverse the harm that humans have inflicted on the planet.